This is a question I am asked frequently after I’ve finished a service for a customer. I take it as a huge compliment as it shows that my customer is very happy with the work I have done and trusts me to do more of any other service I offer.

So, the services I offer are:-


  • I will clear out your gutters of all debris and random items that have found their way into your gutters, for example, screw drivers, chisels, toy turtles, balls and pencils! To name a few.  


  • Any blockages from downpipes are removed. Generally, the blockage is between the top of the gutter and the first bend in the down-pipe, corners and joins in the gutter. If you have not had your gutters cleaned for some years, then that blockage can and will work its way down the down-pipe and in worst cases, the blockage will be underground. 
  • I use camera’s and will inspect your gutters for leaks and damage as I work round your gutters. I also look out for any slipped or damaged tiles while I am there and will let you know if I find any. Anything that I can fix safely, I will do and if there is a cost involved, I will agree that with you first.


  • I will clean down all your soffits, fascia’s and gutters. I will scrub and scrub to get them the best they can look. In most cases they come up amazingly, however, unfortunately I am unable to remove permanent stains. I will also clean down your window frames if they need doing, garage doors, front doors, outside lighting. Your alarm covers get a wash down too.In fact anything that is dirty and I can clean (within reason) will be done. I want your home to look AMAZING, when I have finished.


  • Using a water fed pole, I will clean down your conservatory roof. Your UPVC roof frames and finials will be cleaned. When cleaning glass, I use pure water so as not to leave any water marks as it dry’s.


    • Using a waterfed pole, I will clean your windows, frames and sills. Pure water will be used on the glass so as not to leave any water marks as it dry’s.